April 2018


Fitness in Los Angeles

Not content with treadmills, cross trainers and exercise cycles, LA residents look towards more exotic and extreme health and fitness regimes. How about trying Cryotherapy ? This involves encasing your body in a sealed chamber with only your head outside. The chamber is then cooled -292 degrees F for three minutes using liquid nitrogen. Whilst there is no supporting evidence of the effectiveness of cryotherapy some big name atheletes like LeBron James and Michael Phelps have used it for injury [...]

February 2018

Rubbish collection, Plogging

Are you Plogging in 2018 ?

Is the latest fitness craze from Sweden going to take off in 2018 ? Originating from Sweden, ‘plogging’ is jogging combined with litter collection. The term “plogging” comes from a mixture of jogging and the Swedish “plocka upp”, which means to pick up. In essence plogging involves running around with a bin bag and a pair of gloves collecting litter at the same time. It is thought to have started around 2016 in Sweden but now is starting to appear [...]

January 2018

50% Of Brits Dont Know How To Use Gym Equipment

According to research by Nuffield Health more than 50% of Brits dont know what to do in a gym. In a study of 2000 adults around one fifth dont know how to use common gym machinery such as treadmills, stair climbers and cross trainers. Around 23% are embarrassed to use gym equipment whilst 25% of people are too embarrassed to ask for help which them In addition, a quarter of those polled are too shy to ask for help, [...]

Weight Loss

What’s the best way to lose weight after Christmas?

How to lose weight and get fit after the Christmas holidays. Health experts answer your questions on shedding that festive weight and choosing the best type of yoga. Read More  If you are thinking of buying a piece gym equipment but dont much about it see our guides. An Introduction To Treadmills An Introduction To Exercise Bikes An Introduction To Rowing Machines An Introduction To Elliptical Trainers Home Vs Commercial Gym Equipment

November 2017

Gym train

Train On The Train

Commuters of the future could shed weight by leaping onto an exercise bike on their train to work. Deutsche Bahn, the state-owned German railway company, has unveiled “Idea Train” which could revolutionise conventional travel. For millions of people, the time spent on commuting is time lost, but not on this train, according to Süddeutsche Zeitung.  

October 2017

How To Lift Weights Safely and Effectiviely

Weight lifting and resistance work is essential to burn body fat. By building muscle, you boost your basal metabolic rate, meaning you burn more calories over the course of the day even when you’re not exercising. When it comes to lifting weights, ensuring correct technique is crucial. Not only will you get the results you want, but you’re more likely to avoid injury too. Read More

Holiday Park and Resort Innovation Show - 8TH & 9TH Nov, NEC Birmingham

Holiday Park and Resort Innovation Show – 8TH & 9TH Nov, NEC Birmingham

Come and see Ultimate Fit at the Holiday Park and Resort Innovation Show – 8TH & 9TH Nov, NEC Birmingham. Holiday Park & Resort Innovation is Europe’s leading event dedicated to providing the country’s most ambitious holiday park and resort owners and managers with the best advice,  services and products needed to make their holiday business stand out from the rest and become the idyllic getaway! For more information see