Are you Plogging in 2018 ?

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Are you Plogging in 2018 ?

Is the latest fitness craze from Sweden going to take off in 2018 ? Originating from Sweden, ‘plogging’ is jogging combined with litter collection. The term “plogging” comes from a mixture of jogging and the Swedish “plocka upp”, which means to pick up.

In essence plogging involves running around with a bin bag and a pair of gloves collecting litter at the same time. It is thought to have started around 2016 in Sweden but now is starting to appear in other countries due to increasing publicity over the amount of plastics in the oceans. For example there is now a plogging community in Paris.

Plogging not only helps the environment, but is thought to be better than jogging alone due to the inclusion of squats to pick up litter and the carrying of extra weight whilst jogging. Lifesum, a Swedish-based fitness app now allows users to track plogging activity shows that plogging burns off more calories than just jogging.

Try plogging, not only is it good for your fitness but also for the environment.

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